1815 205TH ST UNIT 106
TORRANCE, CA , 90501
(310) 787-1985

Since its founding in 1923, Tiger has offered a new style of
living by being the first to introduce innovative and leading
technology. We began with the vacuum bottles and continued
with the production of electronic rice warmers and rice cooker/
warmers as well as cooking utensils, storage cabinets and
other household products. Thanks to your efforts, our kitchen
line and household products have been enriched and our line of
products has been steadily expanding into the home environment
and outdoor sports fields. For many years "quality" has
progressed with positive efforts in the modernization of our
factories, research and quality control department. Our
corporate stance is considered superior and the "Tiger" brand
is well-known and loved by many people. As a general
manufacturer of household products, the "Tiger" brand is the
leading company in Japan.
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